Lydiah has become an influential spiritual inspirational speaker. She helps people achieve self awareness and create positive change in themselves, one human at a time. She is a financial professional by trade, a leader in the community and church, and an author. Her multilingual ability and extended travel experiences allow her to connect to many people from different walks of life.

Lydiah has been writing for over 20yrs and published her first book “Never Forsaken” recently. This book was inspired by her personal journey to healing after a traumatic life experience.

During her talks, Lydiah covers topics such as transformation and servant leadership in church and organizations; diversity and inclusivity; and health and wellness.

Lydiah has a blog and YouTube channel. You can also follow Lydiah on Facebook and Instagram @LydiahSpeaks.


Extensive experience in Individual and Business Development; Board Member of the East African Chamber of Commerce.

  • Million Dollar Club Winner.
  • Multiple Awards Recipient.

Lydiah has spoken and conducted seminars for over 15 years on topics such as:

    1. Leadership; God’s Way.
    2. Diversity & Inclusion; We are Equal.
    3. Wellness: Physical, Mental and Financial Healing.


Some memorable speaking engagements include:

    • Lemoyne Owen College Revitalization Program.
    • Rust College Career Development Day.
    • University of Nairobi Church Guest Speaker.
    • East African Chamber of Commerce Business Presentations.
    • Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce Business Presentations.
    • Several Churches around the USA and Africa.

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Executive MBA, Finance

Deutsch Als Fremdsprache, Duetsch

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